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Thread: Mention source IP in Pushpublish configuration !

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    Default Mention source IP in Pushpublish configuration !


    I want set source IP in pushpublishmap.txt. As I have multiple interface in my server, I need to use second interface IP for pushpublish Add-on. But I'm unable achieve this. All pushpublish request sent through parent IP.

    Example :
    1st Interface --> to do SSH
    2nd Interface --> Push publish [ So I can allow only second interface in remote server]
    3rd Interface --> for Pull video from this server

    Is there any option available there to set source IP in config ?.


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    There is a Mpa file entry you can use if your publishing point is to be RTMP.
    The additional map file entry you will need is: localBindAddress
    So an example entry would be:
    where the IP address is the on bound to the interface you are wanting to use for PushPublishing.
    There are more details here.

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