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Thread: Wowza request blocked if we enable swf verification in AMS

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    Default Wowza request blocked if we enable swf verification in AMS

    I have setup wowza as WowzaProLiveRepeater and pull the video from Adobe Media Server. For security reason, I have enabled SWF verification in AMS Server. All of sudden, Wowza request started to reject.

    Error message in AMS Server :

    (w)2651375 SWF verification unsupported by client; disconnecting client (IP =, swfUrl = WowzaProLiveRepeater, userAgent = WIN 10,0,12,36)

    How can I allow wowza in AMS SWF verification list. ?. And at the same time, is there any inbuilt swf file in wowza ?, as WowzaProLiveRepeater comes in swfUrl section on log file.


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    We can't pull AMS streams that are protected in that way. That is a specific feature of AMS.

    If the stream is unprotected then you can look at setting up a liverepeater startup stream to pull from AMS as shown in this article.

    Note that we do provide sufficient functionality and technology to help increase your customer's trust that the viewer is using an SWF which they received from one of your servers. Refer to the security features page for available options.


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