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Thread: nDVR loads my CPU up tp 100%! Please help!!

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    Default nDVR loads my CPU up tp 100%! Please help!!

    in addition to my previous thread - DVR random replays - I've created this one. Today I made 3 experiments and find out these things:

    I have no load on CPU when playback occurs without ?DVR.
    I have huge load on CPU when playback occurs with ?DVR + live stream.
    I have no load on CPU when playback occurs with ?DVR and without live (only recorded data).

    When i have CPU load 70+ we have random jumps during playback and buffering. I've attached informative jpeg you can watch.
    Here is the question - did anyone face a problem like we did?

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    For the most accurate and timely troubleshooting assistance, please open a support ticket by following the steps found here:
    Open a support ticket



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    I'd love to, but we do not have an active maintenance and support contract. I'm just an engineer in AV integration company and our customer refused to prolong support contract last year. That's why I'm stuck here with the problem and can't beat it for the last 3 months. All my hope is someone encountered it before and can help me.

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    Unfortunately we can't easily diagnose this without seeing your complete environment including configuration and log files. Please do try and see if you can register this as a ticket via the support process as outlined by Salvadore.


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