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Thread: Stream from rtp multicast source

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    Default Stream from rtp multicast source

    I've created a multicast rtp stream using ffserver, with the following configuration:

    <Feed hikvision.ffm>
    File /tmp/hikvision.ffm
    FileMaxSize 10M
    ACL allow
    Launch ffmpeg -i "rtsp://" -s:v 1024x768

    # Access with http://localhost:8081/hikvision-rtp.sdp
    <Stream hikvision-rtp.mpg>
    Feed hikvision.ffm
    Format rtp
    VideoFrameRate 5
    VideoBitRate 4096
    VideoBufferSize 8192
    VideoSize 1024x768
    MulticastPort 5000
    MulticastTTL 16

    This stream comes from a netcam. ffserver does multicast the stream and I can play it correctly from vlc (with the url http://localhost:8081/hikvision-rtp.sdp).

    I then copied the sdp file to wowza, putting it in the content directory, and fired up the stream. So far so good.

    I have the wowza transcoder enabled, and I can play via vlc the *transcoded* resulting streams, via rtmp, in vlc. For example:
    rtmp://localhost:1935/live/hikvision-rtp.sdp_160p plays just fine.

    I am not able to play: rtmp://localhost:1935/live/hikvision-rtp.sdp. For some reason that wowza stream doesn't play in vlc.

    My question is, why?

    Thanks for help!!!

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    This is being handled in ticket #155679


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