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    Question Don't Streaming

    Hi! I want to create a streaming from wowza, but this don't works

    my actions
    1. download trial version of wowza
    2. in item of menu "Stream file" add asteam file (add http stream or rtsp)
    3. connect to this stream
    4. in item in menu "incoming streams" i see my stream in status active and see bytes in kb/s
    5. press button "test players" and see stream don't show in this players , i see black rectangle in the players

    tell me please where I make a mistake?
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    Hello there and welcome to the Wowza support forum.

    What is the source of this stream? Is it an IP camera?

    If so, try playing back the source in VLC. Is there black screen in source in VLC? What the audio and video info in VLC for the source? Look at Tools > Codec Info. And what do you see there for the Wowza output, is there video codec info?

    You can also test the Wowza output in VLC. Is there a black screen with the Wowza output?



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