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    Hi Guys,

    We're having problems with the Wowza/Akamai CDN. Basically, with the wowza player you need to use for the CDN, it causes the stream to stop as it's not a constant stream (the CDN doesn't like this). I'm guessing this is each time a video file is loaded so the stream cuts.. then it needs to be re-established with the CDN which causes this delay and buffering.

    The videos we're using are 2mins then 30 seconds in length one after another constantly for 24 hours. The 30 second video is randomly selected using a MySQL function with 15 seconds remaining of the 2min video.

    Is there anyway we can maintain a constant stream so that it doesn't constantly drop out?


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    How are you providing the back to back streams?
    Are you using the stream publisher, provided here?
    Try to load up the sample.mp4 and play that repeatedly, to see if the same issue also observed.


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    Thanks for your help Daren,

    Unfortunately I dont think this will fit our application as we need to ensure the 30 second videos are randomly selected at the point they are about to be played. Any suggestions on how this could be done?

    Is it possible to pre-load every video onto a playlist then randomly select a time to start at which also matches up with the start of a video?
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    You might want to look into the "ModuleLoopUntilLive" as this can be used to fill the time between videos and keep the stream and Push Publishing/Stream Target active. You could even create a black/silent video for this purpose.

    Best regards,

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