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Thread: Ingesting an RTSP source and sending it to Ustream

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    Default Ingesting an RTSP source and sending it to Ustream

    Hi all,

    I've got an RTSP source (in this case it's a Cisco Telepresence Content Server, formerly a Tandberg Content Server, aka "TCS"). I've been able to successfully deliver live video content from that TCS to a Wowza Streaming Engine server I've installed in our data center (that unto itself was absurdly complicated and vaguely documented). There's still some firewall issues I have to deal with, but right now if the firewall is disabled on the Wowza server, the video comes through fine. My ultimately goal, though, is to transcode the video and send it off to a cloud service such as Ustream or YouTube. I've configured my Stream Targets with what I believe are the right parameters but it just sits there, "Waiting..." I've tried both Ustream and YouTube just in case I was setting up the parameters wrong, but neither of them is complying. I don't have the Transcoder application enabled as I don't think it factors into this. The source is h.264 video (I believe) and it's playing back in the Test Player just fine, so I don't think any transcoding needs to happen.

    Has anyone any experience ingesting an RTSP source (such as an IP camera) and then passing that video on to a cloud service such as Ustream or YouTube?

    Thank you,

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    It sounds like the stream name in the encoder settings may not match the stream name you selected when creating the Stream Target in Wowza Engine.

    Please check to make sure that the stream name you put into the TCS encoder matches the stream name you created for the stream target in Wowza Engine.

    I suggest that you look at the following article in regard to sending the stream out to a cloud service.




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