I have a smil file which is a mixture of a live source and vod files.
(live source shows a view from an ip camera, but this a not a direct rtsp stream. it's done as rtmp stream from our office PC using vmix.
vmix ingests rtsp signal from this camera, adds music and other overlays and sends it to wowza).

I want to send this combined stream from smil file to two CDNs and to Youtube to show it on my website.
When played via wowza default players in engine manager everything looks great, smooth and clear.

However, when sent to Youtube with the help of stream targets function there are plenty of errors.
these errors appear in Youtube panel.
For example, the stream is too slow. Or key frames are not frequent enough. Current frequency is 10s. Should be 4s or less.
(This is a translation from Polish, but meaning should be clear).

After all these errors Youtube stream stops. The video quality is really poor.

The important thing is that when all these vod files and rtsp camera are sent from vmix to Youtube directly (without wowza) everything works
without any errors.

here is my server architecture (data from engine manager):

OS Architecture - amd64
Memory - Total: 94,47 GB, Available: 612,14 MB
Processor Cores - 8
Java Version - 1.7.0_65
Java Bitness - 64
Wowza Streaming Engine Version - 4.4.0 (build 17748)
OS - Linux (amd64)

I think my server is strong enough to handle 2 CDNs and YT streams at 720p quality.
But for some reason it fails to stream to Youtube only.

Please, give me a hint what may be the reason.