1) I have multiple RTMP link sources, from different streaming servers, and I have converted them to .stream files.

source1.stream = rtmp://streamingserver1.com/app1/source1
source2.stream = rtmp://streamingserver2.com/app2/source2
source3.stream = rtmp://streamingserver3.com/app3/source3

I can play the following streams in my Wowza Streaming Engine by starting each stream using the Stream Manager (Application Name: myliveapp ; MediaCaster type: liverepeater)


Now, I'm trying to push publish any of the streams (source1.stream, source2.stream and source3.stream) to a CDN. I created a new .stream file (switch.stream) in which the content can be replaced by any of the stream file sources. To illustrate,

switch.stream = rtmp://mywowzaserver:1935/myliveapp/source1.stream OR
switch.stream = rtmp://mywowzaserver:1935/myliveapp/source2.stream OR
switch.stream = rtmp://mywowzaserver:1935/myliveapp/source3.stream

I've created a PushPublishMap.txt file in the same folder as my application (myliveapp) and the corresponding changes in the Application.xml was also made (due to change in the PushPublishMap.txt location).

My problem is, I can't play switch.stream using myliveapp application in the Wowza Streaming Engine.
What am I missing here? Is it possible to achieve my objective using this setup?

2) I also tried creating an origin application, started the sources (source1.stream, source2.stream and source3.stream) using Stream Manager, then configured my myliveapp application (stated above) as an edge application (added the necessary OriginURL in the Application.xml). Then, I started switch.stream in the Stream Manager (Application: myliveapp ; MediaCaster type: liverepeater) to push publish switch.stream stream to the CDN. However, the stream (RTMP delivery) played for about 3 seconds only using my CDN.