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Thread: How to start automate recording.

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    Default How to start automate recording.


    i need help to start automate recording on all incoming stream but also need to force few parameter because, i just need stream name date and time but because of this parameter "${BaseFileName}_${RecordingStartTime}_${SegmentNumber}" its show the same time on all files but when i change this to "${BaseFileName}_${SegmentTime}" the its show the different time for all files but i want to force this parameter which i am not able to due please help me regarding this . Thanks

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    You can configure your application to automatically record all incoming streams. You will need to edit your application's Application.xml file and use the following STreamType in the /Root/Application/Streams/ block.

    There is not a configurable way to change naming conventions of recordings using StreamType live-record, but you can alter the file name of the recording programmatically when it is done recording using IMediaWriterActionNotify

    You may want to look into using the HTTP Live stream record feature. This has more recording and file naming options.

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