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Thread: ModuleRTMPAuthenticate together with ModuleOnConnectAuthenticate

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    Default ModuleRTMPAuthenticate together with ModuleOnConnectAuthenticate

    i have some wowza servers in production.

    We currently use ModuleRTMPAuthenticate with FMLE encoders
    ( Source Security > RTMP Sources > Require Password Authentication = Require password authentication)

    We want to support authentication for Flash ( swf ) encoders.
    So we want ModuleOnConnectAuthenticate working together with the ModuleRTMPAuthenticate, this way the FMLE encoders will work and Flash encoder too.

    Is there any example to accomplish this?


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    You might look at an alternative by using ModuleOnConnectAuthenticate2 and then embed the credentials within the query params of the publisher url. Otherwise you could use separate applications two integrate the two types of publishers.


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