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Thread: iOS - already have h264 frame, how send to wowza?

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    Default iOS - already have h264 frame, how send to wowza?

    Hi, I'm ignorant. Got the server set up and streaming from my phone with the gocoder app and it was easy and awesome. Im really bad when it comes to encoders, transcoders, and bears, oh my. I have an external device attached to my iOS app that's sending me h264 encoded frames. All I want to do is relay those frames to wowza for broadcasting. I've googled my brains out but fear I don't know enough about it to know if I'm going in the right direction. Anyone have experience with this? Will I be able to do this natively or will I need to find a third party library to send the frames in a stream. Thanks on advance!

    Steve Lobdell

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    Hi Steve,

    You will need to package the frames in some way into a compatible format that Wowza can ingest, e.g. RTMP. We don't have specific examples of how to do this in iOS but yes I think you should investigate the use of a library that can provide RTMP publishing and build up from there. A search for "ios rtmp broadcast" lists a few that may be helpful to you.


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