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Thread: How to Stream from multiple rtmp Application instances

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    Unhappy How to Stream from multiple rtmp Application instances


    Fairly new to Wowza so apologies if this has a very simple answer and I haven't done enough research

    I am trying to intake two rtmp streams from two separate rtmp Application instances and output two TS UDP streams for each of the respective incoming rtmp stream

    That is,

    Stream named "rtmp_1" under Application instance named Trial_1
    "rtmp_1" under application instance named Trial_2
    are to be converted to TS and output

    However, when I create a stream targets with the 'Source stream name' field with the appropriate individual stream names i.e Trial_1/rtmp_1 and Trial_2/rtmp_1, Wowza keeps "waiting" for a stream.

    When I tried the same with a single application instance however, it worked perfectly fine (in which case, I didn't have to mention the name of the application instance in the Source stream name field as there was only a single incoming source)

    Can someone point out what I am doing wrong?
    The logs don't help much and there is no mention of it being due to a licensing limitation

    Any help would be very sincerely appreciated

    Thanks in advance

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    I've just tested this and you're correct an application instance can't be used to determine the source stream for the Stream Targets configuration. As this is not currently something we support in the Stream Targets configuration, I will add this as a feature request to our backlog on your behalf. Features which are added to our backlog are reviewed and considered for future versions of Wowza Streaming Engine. At this time I can't confirm if the feature will be approved and if so, any time-scales for it's availability. As a workaround, you'd need to use a different application if you wanted multiple streams with the same name and set Stream Targets on each of the applications.

    Thanks for the feedback.


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