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Thread: MPEG DASH - Fails on first load

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    Default MPEG DASH - Fails on first load


    I'm having an issue where the first time I try to connect to an MPEG DASH stream, it fails. In looking at the Chrome network inspector, I see I get 404s on various requests. When I reconnect, it works fine, and subsequent reconnects are also fine, unless (it seems) the stream hasn't been viewed for a bit, in which case the connection fails again. Any idea what the problem could be?


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    Would you please further describe the workflow? If this is this a origin/edge repeating workflow using the default "on demand" mode? If so, you may want to look into using "persistent mode" between servers to avoid the stream startup delay caused as the manifest files are built.

    You could also look into using the free ModuleLoopUntilLive to keep your stream active even if the source stream is not present. This can help if the issues are caused by an intermittent source stream.

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