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Thread: Wowza Stripping Metadata

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    Default Wowza Stripping Metadata

    I run the following command on video from the direct video source ( a file with a .ts extension):

    ffmpeg -re -i <MPEGTS_infile> -map data-re -codec copy -f data <binary_outfile>

    Doing this the data-re command finds the metadata embedded in the video and extracts it to a file.

    I run the same command against the same video after Wowza records it (a file with an extension of .mp4). I get the following error:

    Stream map 'data-re' matches no streams.

    It appears that when Wowza stores the video it strips the meta data. I assume this is also the case when Wowza transcodes a live video stream into a RTSP to distribute. Is there anyway to configure Wowza to preserve the metadata?


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    Hello Tim,

    When recording through Wowza Streaming Engine Manager -> Application -> Incoming Streams -> Click the Red circle for the recording pop up window, you will then see "Recording Options" at the bottom of that pop-up.

    With the check box for "Record Data" filled you will retain your meta-data in your recordings.

    Jason Hatchett

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