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Thread: Thousands of connections begin buffering

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    Default Thousands of connections begin buffering

    When the server reaches close to 4Gbps it begins buffering all of the connected clients. It is on a dedicated 5Gbps uplink and serves via RTMP. All of the servers we have do this yet I'm unable to see anything in the access and error log files. The servers are running 4.4.0 build17748

    Has this happened to anyone else? I'm at a loss at what to do. This happened on previous builds of Wowza too.

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    All modules disabled. Still same issue. On premium dedicated uplink. Origin's don't show any bandwidth drop when this happens, only the live repeaters.

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    It's not easy to diagnose this from what you've provided. I do see that you are on 4.4.0. I would recommend installing the latest update (4.4.1) from the customer portal just to remove any potential issues with the release you are currently on. If the problem persists then can I ask that you raise a support ticket, with the steps to reproduce if possible. Please also include a zip of your conf/ and logs/ directories and a reference to this thread.


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