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Thread: Cannot Stream to Youtube HELP!

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    Default Cannot Stream to Youtube HELP!

    Testing to stream to YouTube from a RTSP IP camera but no luck. Don't know what I'm doing wrong. We are looking to utilize this software to send several IP camera streams of our small theme park to the youtube for constant live viewing.

    Camera is set to output H.264 @ 1280x720 15fps CBR 2Mbps

    I can see the stream as active in "Incoming Streams" and can even record from the camera to my desktop

    For stream targets, it shows YouTube, and active. On YouTube's website it briefly goes from "offline" to green / "starting - Receiving your content Your audience will see it in a moment. Get ready!" but then goes back to offline and does not show any video. Followed the guide on this site but no luck. Any Ideas?

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    Please review this article if not already for setting up a Youtube stream: Wowza Streaming Engine w/ Youtube

    It could be a setup issue: Youtube Live Streaming Troubleshooting


    Jason Tuchler
    Wowza Media Systems

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