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Thread: Live HLS starts buffering when the broadcast stops (encoder stop streaming)

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    Default Live HLS starts buffering when the broadcast stops (encoder stop streaming)

    Hi all,

    I don't know if this is the default behaviour, but every time the encoder stop streaming, all the clients watching through HLS (both iPhone, iPad and Safari Desktop) don't seem to know that the streaming ended. It starts buffering and stays in this state forever. Clients watching through RTMP are not affected by this strange behaviour.

    To better understand this, I started using a player called HLS.JS where I can see the Chunks being downloaded. And when the encoder stop streaming, I client keeps downloading the same media chucks (same sequence), like this one:

    media_w1598327392_121.ts?consumer_id=41515&talk_url=%2Fgfronza%2Fwebinar-para-comecar-daqui-a-pouco%2F&talk_title=Webinar+para+come%C3%A7ar+daqui+a+pouco&talk_start_time=2016-04-15+22%3A30%3A00&talk_tz_offset=-10800&talk_owner_id=41515&talk_duration=0&username=gfronza& rmano+Fronza&is_subscribed=False
    media_w1598327392_122.ts?consumer_id=41515&talk_url=%2Fgfronza%2Fwebinar-para-comecar-daqui-a-pouco%2F&talk_title=Webinar+para+come%C3%A7ar+daqui+a+pouco&talk_start_time=2016-04-15+22%3A30%3A00&talk_tz_offset=-10800&talk_owner_id=41515&talk_duration=0&username=gfronza& rmano+Fronza&is_subscribed=False
    media_w1598327392_123.ts?consumer_id=41515&talk_url=%2Fgfronza%2Fwebinar-para-comecar-daqui-a-pouco%2F&talk_title=Webinar+para+come%C3%A7ar+daqui+a+pouco&talk_start_time=2016-04-15+22%3A30%3A00&talk_tz_offset=-10800&talk_owner_id=41515&talk_duration=0&username=gfronza& rmano+Fronza&is_subscribed=False

    Do you have any idea on how to solve this?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Thanks for contacting Wowza Forums!

    What version of Wowza are you using? Sounds like the tag #EXT-X-ENDLIST is not being inserted at the end of the playlist causing the clients to loop the last segment.

    I would suggest opening a ticket HERE and sending us /conf and /log files for us to look into this to see why it is looping the last chunk.


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