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Thread: Wowza SDK versus Red5 Pro

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    Default Wowza SDK versus Red5 Pro

    Hey guys,

    I've been playing around with the Red5 Pro SDK ( and it looks pretty good. I was trying to get it to work with my client's Wowza installation though, and it appears that I need to install their server. I would rather not move my client's infrastructure over to a new server. So this leads me to looking at the gocoder SDK. How do you guys compare with what Red5 is offering? Does it do two way communication, as this is a requirement for my client?

    Anyway, keep up the good work! I'm a huge fan of Wowza!

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    GoCoder SDK contains many new and exciting features:
    •Multi-camera support
    •Configurable bitrate
    •Enables game-streaming
    •Enables screen capture
    •Local record functionality (mp4)
    •Enables streaming local MP4 file
    •4K support

    Our focus has been to deliver a low latency solution, which can utilize the robustness of Wowza platform and deliver the most reliable performance for real-time mobile streaming needs. I am certain that GoCoder SDK provides a better performance and value over other streaming and broadcasting SDKs like Red5.

    At this stage, we do not support two-way communication feature. We are actively working to add several innovative features including this one in the coming Months and Year.


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    Thanks Vijay. Any idea on the timeframe for the Two-way feature release?

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    I can only confirm 'Two-way communication feature' is in the long term product roadmap. At this stage, I cannot provide you a timeline.

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    Hey vjay, can GoCoder SDK stream AND record to local storage at the same time? I wasn't aware of this functionality.

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    Yes GoCoder SDK supports streaming and recording to local storage at the same time. In addition to this feature, GoCoder SDK also supports streaming from a local mp4 file.

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