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Thread: what measures should i put in mind when i decide bandwidth?

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    Default what measures should i put in mind when i decide bandwidth?

    Hello, i am new to streaming and this is probably the wrong place to post this but i don't know where else, do guide me if i am wrong tho. anyway i was trying to figure out how much of bandwidth do i need to stream 1080p or 720p concert, i didn't see on wowza the bitrate requirement for each resolution however i googled a bit and it seems that a lot of people have a lot of different answers for that question, so i will try to ask it here maybe i would get some result, what's the average bitrate for 720p and 1080 live streaming? also what's the average amount of bandwidth do i need to professionally live stream? a lot of people recommended 4mb internet but maybe it wont be enough? please do tell me if you know and again i am sorry if this is not the place to ask the question.

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    First, welcome to the realm of streaming and please know we are here to help. I have a great article for you to review that will address the encoder best practices for Wowza Streaming Cloud. This will address everything you need to configure on your encoder to have a great playback experience.

    How to encode source video for Wowza Streaming Cloud


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