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Thread: Enable cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) in a startup package?

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    Default Enable cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) in a startup package?

    Our church runs Wowza 4.4.1 on EC2 using the legacy DevPay AMIs. We're already using a startup package to set passwords and whatnot, and it works well. Now we'd like to enable CORS (Applications -> Live -> Cross-origin Resource Sharing) automatically at startup, rather than having to manually enable it through the Engine Manager each week.

    Does anyone have an example for me?


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    By following this article:

    Once you set up your application with CORS enabled, you should not have set this up again, unless you are taking down your instance each week and then recreating it every time you need to use it.

    After setting this through the Streaming Engine Manager a property is added to the Application.xml under HTTPStreamer properties.


    If you are recreating your instance each week you can try to script this entry into your Application.xml.

    Jason Hatchett

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