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Thread: Unable to playback protected content from s3

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    Default Unable to playback protected content from s3

    I have a new Ec2 instance running the latest Wowza AMI from the AWS marketplace and have followed the configuration guide to setting up my account access keys to support accessing both public and proected content from an S3 bucket. I have tried credentials for both the global account and also a new IAM user account with s3 permissions but neither work and in log file I just see a 403 response.

    Am I missing something in the configuration? Thanks!

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    You may want to check the AWS key and SecretKey as a common problem is that they are reversed/transposed.

    Also, check the S3 bucket directory permissions to ensure that you're account has proper access permissions.

    If you're utilizing MediaCache, you can change the file [install-dir]/conf/MediaCache.xml and set Root/MediaCache/DebugLog to true. You will have to restart Wowza after making the change. This should give you more information in your log files regarding these S3 bucket transactions.

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