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Thread: Wowza behind proxy (http - https)

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    Default Wowza behind proxy (http - https)


    Our wowza server sits behind a proxy, the player connects with the proxy through https and the proxy forwards the connection to wowza through http.
    A playlist item (adaptive bitrate) we use is sample.smil/manifest.mpd, the wowza server generates the mpeg-dash manifest, but the problem is that this generated file contains http links instead of https.

    Is it possible to tell wowza the original connection is a https connection so the manifest file is generated with https links?

    Can we use the x-forwarded headers for this?

    Kind regards, Erik

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    Currently this isn't possible but it is something that has been requested a few times and is already registered as a feature request. Unfortunately I can't say when or if this will be added but you can check this page for any announcement of new updates, including release notes.


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