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Thread: Module to check user group ID before allow connecting

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    Default Module to check user group ID before allow connecting

    I need a module to to check the user group ID which is passed in the RTMP URL or in the HLS URL.

    RTMP format will look like
    rtmp:\/\/IP:1935\/edge\/_definst_\/?xs=_we_OWRkbHBpaWpqY2kxMm85fDE0NjI5ODMxODR8MTA4LjYxLjIyNi4xOXw1NzMzNTMwOGI0ODgzfDYxNDM2NDk0NjMxMzk2 ZmRmMDkwNWM5NDA1ZmEwNGVjOTUxOTBmZTY.?userId=

    HLS will look like

    If the return value of userId is equal to the property setting, then allow to play. Otherwise denied it.

    Properties should be like

    Enabled: true/false : enable this module or not
    CheckUrl: (this php return json format like this {userId: 669, groupId: 3})
    AllowReturnGroup: 3 (if return matched 3, then allow)
    WriteToLog: true/false
    LogLocation: /logs/module_name.log

    Log content should have: IP Timestamp Connect_URL Status (groupId matched or not match) and other information if needed

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    I'm one of oldest authorized Wowza consultants and have built multiple similar modules in the past, so can assist you in this case too.
    I have also some suggestions regarding the general architecture of the security mechanism.
    Please drop me an email at to discuss details.

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    Ok I emailed you for quoting

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    Is there anyone else/consultant interested in doing the job? Why this user @romano not responding at all to email. If anyone wants to do this job contact me at
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    If you want to seek out a consultant for this development the best way to do so is to post here:

    Jason Hatchett

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    hmm... looks like your original email got to my spam box, i'll reply shortly.

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