Wowza® software is deployed globally across thousands of universities and K-12 organizations. Whether you need to stream lectures, scientific discoveries, sports, or events, our platform lets students, faculty, alumni, and supporters engage with your content wherever they are. See how the University of Maine built a learning content management system that integrates Wowza streaming video software.


Wowza Streaming Engine™ is tailor-made to deliver cost effective on-line learning programs to audiences anywhere on any device. Download a white paper and infographic

  1. A Class By Itself

    Wowza offers the broadest screen reach, lowest cost, and rock-solid reliability for real-time lectures, archived content, live chat, and more.

  2. Anytime, Anywhere Access

    On-demand, real-time streaming and lecture capture for local or distance education. You can even stream athletics, faculty trainings, special events, and more.

  3. Unbeatable Economics

    Qualified educational institutions receive a 25% discount on Wowza Streaming Engine Perpetual Edition. Email for eligibility.

  4. Enhance Learning

    Increase engagement and retention by webcasting live lectures that let students play, pause, rewind, and resume with our optional Wowza nDVR AddOn.

  5. Vast Partner Ecosystem

    Wowza Streaming Engine is compatible with many lecture-capture and CMS products to help you enrich and manage content.

  6. Interactive Collaboration

    Enable collaboration between students and teachers with chat, whiteboarding, screen sharing, and other interactive applications.

  7. Scalable

    Scale your internal server infrastructure for increasing demand, or use our broad network of Wowza Service Providers to achieve the streaming capacity needed.

  8. Extensible

    Use our rich set of APIs to create value added applications and integrate with back-end systems.

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