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2 studios, 2 services, 2 streams, Same website -

I have 2 separate services, for 2 separate studios, I have embedded the separate streams in separate players on the same web page. Only the first players shows a stream and it shows the stream from the SECOND player.

Any ideas how to get both streams to play in their correct player on the same web page?

Wowza does not have a composite feature for players, it would need to be done first through the encoder as far as both streams on same webpage. Then Wowza can ingest the stream from OBS for example in one screen, but you’d need to do that first on your end before sending the stream to wowza.

We do have a composite feature for WebRTC, but that’s completely different from what you’re asking I believe, but you didn’t share the protocols or the player you are using.

You may need to check the documentation for the encoder or the player to see why the streams are mismatched. Also check Stack Overflow as they’ve discussed composite streaming and multiple players in one screen.

If this is for Wowza Player and you have a license previous to the sunset of that player on 4/20, then you can submit a support ticket and we’ll take a look.

Separate streams in separate players yet player #1 works and shows stream #2. I can’t think of anything else but a mixup somewhere in your configuration.