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4:3 to 16:9 aspect ratio?


Im looking to replace jwplayer with wowza player, however jwplayer has a " stretching" feature that will displays a 4:3 video as 16:9 aspect ratio.

" Resize images and video to fit player dimensions. See graphic below for examples
"uniform" — Fits JW Player dimensions while maintaining aspect ratio
"exactfit": Will fit JW Player dimensions without maintaining aspect ratio
"fill" — Will zoom and crop video to fill dimensions, maintaining aspect ratio
"none" — Displays the actual size of the video file. (Black borders)"

Can the same be done with the wowza player?


Wowza Player is EOL; so IMO not a good idea to switch. If you want a different player you can look into VideoJS, Clappr, THEOplayer, Bitmovin, Radiant and similar. Most of them have a feature-rich SDK that likely can give an answer to your aspect ratio question.

We have the banner at the top of all our product and documentation pages announcing Wowza Player will no longer be available, but here’s the FAQ page.