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4.7.8 Transcoder

Just updated to 4.7.8 and am having issues with the transcoder. I have 3 applications with a mixture of both audio only and transrate templates. None of them are working. Is there an issue with the transcoder in 4.7.8?

No issues being reported @Michael Doble and we have several customers using 4.7.8.

Are you able to submit a report ticket so we can review your config and logs?

Also, please remember the transcoder has specific requirements:

Strongly encourage a support ticket right away so our engineers can assist.

If you’re updating from an early version of Wowza Streaming Engine to the most recent version- 4.7.8, there are updates/changes that will break functionality if you don’t take steps to address them.

Please carefully review the following article to properly upgrade without issue:

Nevermind, found the note about the transcoder and Centos 6. As a workaround I found this script and it works now.

That’s great to hear! Thanks for sharing that.