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4K Video RTMP source to RTMP output

Hi, I am attempting to push a 4K camera feed encoded h.264 (RTMP) to Wowza cloud with the intention to transcode a passthrough and to receive an RTMP URL as the output to playback on a player I have built. When I set up an RTMP stream target it requires either web URL or IP address, I was under the impression that this is generated by Wowza cloud.

Can Wowza cloud transcode the video source and generate a RTMP URL for public playback and how?

Hello Colin,

To be clear, the Wowza CDN does not distribute a RTMP playback stream. We only provide HLS or HDS at this time. If you would like a RTMP url for playback, you can obtain it via the REST API. Please note, at this time the RTMP playback is direct from the transcoder and is limited to 100 concurrent viewers.

Details on obtaining the RTMP url is located in this article.

I hope this clarifies.