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About SMIL repeat, end time exists?


I have a question about control SMIL file with repeat option.

In below link…

I can see repeat Y/N option.

More on this, SMIL can control repeat end time?

Because, I want control playlist like this…

  1. Make SMIL file with 10 videos(6min x 10 = 1 hour)

  2. Repeat that until 12:00 ~ 15:23

  3. Then SMIL stop at 15:23 with 4th video(83%) position

So, I need end time of repeat option.

If can’t with repeat option, please guide me alternative way.


Thank you for reply!

Can I manage(repeat, set end time, …) video playlist without StreamPublisher?
If StreamPublisher is quite limited, then maybe better plug-in exsits, I feel…

There are no other free plug-ins from Wowza that can do this. If you are interested in a paid plug-in from a 3rd party, then you can write a request in the Hire A Consultant forums:

Hi @Seung Su Lee, the StreamPublisher is quite limited, and it cannot stop at an exact time. It will require a custom plug-in. The source code of the StreamPublisher is available on, so you can develop your own plug-in if want.

As an alternative, there may also be 3rd party plug-ins available, or you can hire a developer or consultant to help you. If you’re interested in an offer from a 3rd party, then you can post a request in the “Hire A Consultant” forums; this is where approved consultants are allowed to offer their products and services.