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ABR Live RTMP Stream on JW Player with Wowza on EC2


I have been fiddling with Wowza on and off for a few weeks. I can set up a single basic stream with fall back etc. etc. I am having a problem creating a live stream using ABR. Any guides I find tend to reference VODs and though I have attempted to follow them to no avail. I have used the Wowza transcoder and the SMIL file generator as well as created my own. I have scoured the internet for this topic and I have not come across a guide that seems to work. I don’t know if it is actually super easy and I have some weird mental block regarding this topic but I just can’t figure it out. A quick rundown on this topic specifically for Live Streams and not VODs would be appreciated as well as any suggestions. Thanks!


The simplest method of creating a live ABR stream is to use our Transcoder. This will automatically generate keyframe aligned streams and you can then play them as an ABR stream in JWPlayer using something like


The ngrp: part of the stream is what groups the separate transrated outputs into an ABR stream. You can optionally create a smil file to group the outputs as shown here.

If your sources are multiple streams of different bitrates and you want to combine them into an ABR output then you would create your smil file referencing the different input streams. Note that it is critical that these streams are keyframe aligned.