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Abr VOD Streaming from live transcoded recording


I was wondering if is possible to deliver ABR vod stream from static .mp4 files generated with live recorders.

I managed to set transcoder to generate ‘_source’ and ‘_360p’.

Before starting live, I setup 2 recorders to automatic start on first keyframe.
I start live stream.
Recording goes well (generating 2 .mp4 files) but when I create the realated SMIL file it does not work.

I succesfully managed to transcode file with ffpmeg and get SMIL working that way but
I was wondering if there was a way to avoid using ffpeg to transcode .mp4 since i already have them recorded from source.

I suspect that the problem is something about video track alignement but I’m not sure since just beginner in video streaming and Wowza.

Thank you so much

It’s critical that all renditions of your video are keyframe aligned and are consistent with the same keyframe interval. We recommend 2 seconds.

Here is a video tutorial on how to set it the SMIL file and some helpful docs. The steps are similar for VOD as for live. Feel free to submit a support ticket if still gives you a problem.