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Access live streaming DOT cameras in HTML web application for NON-iOS Browsers/Device


This is probably a very basic question because I am totally new to this.

I am configuring a web mapping application (HTML5) in which I can easily use HTML tags to link to images or videos through an image or video tag.

This is for fire department that they use in vehicles responding to calls. I want to embed the SC Dept of Transportation live web cams into the existing mapping application.

SCDOT has provided me with URLs for their live camera feeds. Here are two types of URLS for one of the cameras:


http://X.XX.XXX.XX:1935/rtplive/30099/playlist.m3u8 (I can get this to work on iOS devices but that is not what they use)

The devices in use in the Fire vehicles are all laptops utilizing either IE, Chrome, or Firefox.

The above URLs appear to already be Wowza streams. Do I need to utilize Wowza Player to do what I want to do as far as obtaining HTML code that I can embed in my application? We have a Wowza license but it has yet to be used by anyone (purchased for another project not yet completed).



Hello Carmen,

Yes you can use Wowza Player Builder to create a player for access on the devices in question using the url:


In the Player builder

Here is our Tutorial on getting started with the Wowza Player:


Jason Hatchett
Wowza Support Engineer