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Access VOD content in subdirectories below Application content directory

I have an application clir_rec_risk with a content directory /nfsDirs/data2/da/clir_rec_risk, which is in turn symlink to /netapp/da/clir_rec_risk, where /netapp/da is an NFS mount.

This directory has the following structure:

$ tree -l clir_rec_risk
clir_rec_risk -> /netapp/da/clir_rec_risk
├── captioned
│   ├── cubanc 80 1 01287725a
│   │   ├── cubanc 80 1 01287725a
│   │   └── cubanc_80_1_01287725a_access_caption.mp4
│   ├── cubanc 80 1 01287797a
│   │   ├── cubanc 80 1 01287797a
│   │   └── cubanc_80_1_01287797a_access_caption.mp4
│   ├── cubanc 80 1 01287807a
│   │   ├── cubanc 80 1 01287807a
│   │   └── cubanc_80_1_01287807a_access_caption.mp4
│   ├── cubanc_80_1_01287799a
│   │   ├── cubanc 80 1 01287799a
│   │   └── cubanc_80_1_01287799a_access_caption.mp4
│   └── cubanc_80_1_01287806a
│       ├── cubanc 80 1 01287806a
│       └── cubanc_80_1_01287806a_access_caption.mp4
└── original
    ├── cubanc_80_1_01287725a_access.mp4
    ├── cubanc_80_1_01287772a_access.mp4
    ├── cubanc_80_1_01287773a_access.mp4
    ├── cubanc_80_1_01287774a_access.mp4
    ├── cubanc_80_1_01287789a_access.mp4
    ├── cubanc_80_1_01287790a_access.mp4
    ├── cubanc_80_1_01287797a_access.mp4
    ├── cubanc_80_1_01287799a_access.mp4
    ├── cubanc_80_1_01287806a_access.mp4
    └── cubanc_80_1_01287807a_access.mp4

When I try to access one of these files, e.g.


at a URL of the form:

http://<my server>:1935/clir_rec_risk/mp4:original/cubanc_80_1_01287725a_access.mp4/playlist.m3u8

I get a 404.

When I look in the logs, I see:[clir_rec_risk/mp4:original]: Not found: /nfsDirs/data2/da/clir_rec_risk/cubanc_80_1_01287725a_access.mp4.: /nfsDirs/data2/da/clir_rec_risk/cubanc_80_1_01287725a_access.mp4 (No such file or directory)

Note that the “not found” path does not include the subdirectory original, which instead appears as part of[clir_rec_risk/mp4:original].

I tried escaping the / in the path as %2F:

http://<my server>:1935/clir_rec_risk/mp4:original%2Fcubanc_80_1_01287725a_access.mp4/playlist.m3u8

But this also produces a 404, with an identical error message.

Is it not possible to access content in subdirectories? I could swear I’ve gotten this to work before, but I don’t remember what I did differently.

Hi @David Moles, try this and let me know if that works please:

http://<my server>:1935/clir_rec_risk/_definst_/mp4:original/cubanc_80_1_01287725a_access.mp4/playlist.m3u8

That works, thank you! And I see now that in the “Test Players” UI, if I paste in a media file name with subdirectories, it changes “Application” to clir_rec_risk/definst.

Searching, I see from this forum post that this is the “default instance” of the application. Does it matter what instance name I use there? Can I create a new instance just by setting a different string?

Yes, you can create a new instance, the different instance won’t make any difference. Does that help answer it @David Moles?

Yes, thanks.