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Actionscript 3 for http streaming

Hi there,

We want to update our steaming flash player which currently does our .flv playback to do .mp4 playback also, but cannot find clear documentation.

For instance, if we want to play an MP4 file, I think this is the correct URL:

http://[our wowza ip address]:1935/vod/MayapurTV/mp4:MayapurTV/bunny.mp4/manifest.f4m

But what part of this goes into the Url in actionscript: NetConnection.connect(Url);

And what part goes into the“something_goes-here”);

Help is much appreciated,

Thank you,


Alan Costello

Hello Alan.

Please take a look at this tutorial and see if it answers your question:

Loading video files



Thanks for that salvadore - that link is for progressive download.

I believe that for streaming an MP4 from a wowza server, the netConnection URL is: rtmp://myIPaddress:1935/vod/myApplicationDirectory“myFile.mp4”)


The values for the NetConnection.connect and methods in a SWF application are also discussed in our protocols and file output formats article.