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Add meta data in onFillChunkDataPacket()?


I am using ModuleCupertinoLiveOnTextToID3 from and in method onFillChunkDataPacket() I can see a timestamp generated from Adobe Live Media Encoder. The timestamp is using “onFI”, not “onMetaData”. The example uses HLS streams which I have not tested yet. First I wanted to try a flash client. How can I modify the module to add new meta data? I would need access to the stream to call stream.sendDirect("@setDataFrame",“onMetaData”,data)

Using the other examples with onMetaData() will not work, because the method is not called for “onFI” and I am only interested in the encoder system time.

What else can I do? I want to pass the encoder system time to jw player and there call a javascript funktion




Wowza should preserve the absolute timecodes passed through the onFI events to the output RTMP stream. You will need to be able to handle these events on JWPlayer.