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Add query params to *.ts urls inside hls playlist.m3u8

Hello. We are using different CDNs (EdgeCast Akamai) for caching HLS output. And we want every client to be authorised on CDN for each request with a token. CDN have mechanisms to decide wether to allow or deny access to the file for the user according to a token (expiry date, credentials). It makes us be aware of that the user got the access to media from us but not on his own.

All tokens can be generated in wowza for each time segment inside playlist.

Is there a way to add it as a query parameter to each time segment url inside playlist.m3u8 file? Like that



















With HTTP Origin enabled, Wowza cannot be involved in client authentication or access control. That all must be done between the client and CDN. Wowza creates chunks, the CDN pulls them into its cache, then the client streams from the CDN cache. So Wowza is not aware of the clients streaming from the CDN cache.