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Additional RTMP input


I am trying to connect a second RTMP input to Wowza Streaming Engine. I am using the trial version, I have manage to stream one feed from the Gocoder app without any issue. However I cannot add a second Gocoder input. I had try the following:

-create a second identical application (different name)

-create and additional host port (1936) for streaming at the Virtual host setup

-add and additional port (,1936) to the existing Default Streaming Host Port

I have tried all the above combinations and I only manage to have one incoming stream at one application. When I try to send a second stream (from an identical phone) to the second application (same ip, different port) i get connection error or it does not connect at all.

Is it possible to have a second or more RTMP incoming streams to Wowza Streaming Engine and how?

Thank you for you time.

Hello Dimitris,

If you have the transcoder enabled, this will limit the number of incoming streams. Your setup should work as long as there are no firewall issues with 1936. I would suggest sending a ticket to Support to review why this may be happening if the transcoder is not running.