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Adobe Flash media Encoder 2.5


I’ve been looking at Adobe Flash media Encoder 2.5 and from what I’ve read it’s free. Can this integrate with Wowza server? The documentation says you must have an adobe server etc but is this just to get you to buy their overpriced software?


Yes FME works with Wowza. Just set the FMS URL to your Wowza URL


You can tune some of this time out by changing the nsPlay.setBufferTime(seconds) in the player to a lower number. If you want to get down to very low latency you can set nsPlay.setBufferTime(0) and use the live-lowlatency stream type.


What is your problem getting Wowza Pro to work locally?


What we have seen is that if you set a client side buffer (NetStream.setBufferTime(second)) for H.264 video of anything greater than zero then the lag caused by the Flash player is at least 2-4 seconds. So this might be what you are seeing. It is more likely a Flash player issue than an FMS issue.


If the streamType is “live” or “live-record”, I think it is normal, and not really a problem, because the viewer does not have any way of seeing that latency. In a chat app it would be a problem.

Download the MediaSecurity Addon package:

And follow the instructions for setting up SecureURLParams. (Note the note regarding FMLE and how to form FMS URL with authentication parameters)


I’ve just found a computer with a firewire port and a camera and tested this and it works brilliantly.

The only slight problem with it is that there is a 2-3 second lag between the video leaving the encoder and being displayed on the flash player (using the sample code). Is this normal?

Having exactly the same issue too, I’ve tried setBufferTime(0) using FMS, and I get no lag but the video goes at 5-10fps. I’m having trouble getting WMS to work locally. So won’t be able to test the “live-lowlatency” Stream.

Did you manage to shave down those seconds? Could you please post your results. Thanks

Basically, I entered http://localhost:1935 into my browser and nothing appears on screen, my browser indicates its done loading. I know its suppose to say a Wowza media server message. I’ve search around the forums to try to get a solution but no luck so far, i’ll try on another computer.

But essentially i’m interested in the time lag/delay between the encoder to flash player. Wanted to know if its a flash player issue, and that it is just naturally slow to decode the stream.

Sorry, i have some problems with work wowza and FME together. The most important problem is “How can i make authentication in wowza for streams?”, Becouse now all people can streaming to my server from FME without any problem. Plz anybody, help me with documentation or information to protect my server :confused: