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Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder questions


We want to stream from Adobe some live streams. Everything seems to be

working fine, but:

  1. if I connect to that stream it shows everything from begining of recording,

not current “live” content

  1. file of stream grows and grows

  2. after I end streaming file stays and it is playable, I would like for it to dissapear

once encoder disconnects

So it seems that I am doing something wrong?

Also is it possible to use password protected publishing with Adobe?

Thank you!

It sounds like you are using a StreamType of “live-record” instead of “live” in your Application.xml file? Do you want to record the streams for future playback? It does not sound like it if you are wanting them gone when the stream ends.

What player are you testing playback in? With a StreamType of “live” you should test playback in one of the example players in [install-dir]/examples/LiveVideoStreaming.

Take a look at this article to enable password protection:

How to enable username/password authentication for RTMP and RTSP publishing (ModuleRTMPAuthenticate)


Dear Sir,

can you share with us your application.xml configuration so we can help you better succeed your request.


Omid, it s not clear what you are doing by this post.

Can you please explain your set up?

Is this a live stream or video on demand? If live what is the source?

What are the audio and video codecs of the stream?

What player are you trying to play the stream?

Do you see any indication of the problem in the logs? You can also start Wowza in stand-alone mode and view the server logs in real time via the console. [wowza-install]/bin/startup.bat|



I have gotten my Flash Media server to recognize Wowza and send my video to the Wowza server, but when I try to view it I am told that the feed does not exist. Am I missing a step and I actually need to configure something on Wowza to accept this feed? I get the error: Failed to play myStream; stream not found.

I know that the stream is shown because on Flash Media the path that I put in for the server was accepted.

please mail me for help