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Advanced Load Balancer with GeoIP and many more


UnicodeSolutions company presents brand new product:


  • Multipurpose redirections for all major kinds of clients (Flash, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, IPTV STBs, VLC, QuickTime)

  • Easy configurable decision rules using powerful expression-based and GeoIP decision factors

  • Extensible with simple java plugin API

  • Secure with redirect URL encryption and validation on the edge side

  • Optimized for high performance


    Several varieties of redirection mechanisms (RTMP, HTTP, and playlist-based) allows to use the load balancer with all major kinds of clients:

  • Flash Video Players: JWPlayer, Flowplayer and any custom player

  • Silverlight Video Players

  • Software players: VLC, QuickTime

  • Apple iOS devices: iPhone/iPod/iPad

  • Mobiles: Android, BlackBerry


    No changes are necessary on the client side, just point your device to the load balancer URL.


    Smart load balancing and redirection decisions are based on the weighted results of several easily configurable decision rules, for example:

  • geoip distance between edge server and client

  • edge server status

  • edge server load by connections or bandwidth

  • edge server priority

  • any expression built on the number of available client and edge server attributes

    Amazing flexibility and extensibility of the load balancer allow any imaginable load balancing and edge selection scenario to be implemented.


    Very flexible and configurable architecture allows to use the load balancer in the various redirection scenarios. You can fully customize the redirector output based on your specific needs. Use different combinations of both supplied as well as custom developed decision factors to achieve project specific goal.

    A powerful expression-based decision factor in combination with advanced monitor component on the edge side, allows anyone to build load balancing rules, using almost any client, edge server property, or JMX attribute just by editing the XML configuration files.


    There are several ways to extend the existing load balancer functionality with new features:

  • expression-based decision factor allows to create decision rules based on complex expressions using different variables: any attribute from client request (e.g. userAgent, referrer, queryString), any available edge server property or JMX attribute and etc. (a full list of the available variables is included in the documentation).

  • location-based decision factor provides extension point allowing to implement different location service providers (requires Java programming skills). There is optional MaxMind location service provider plugin that allows to use MaxMind GeoIP databases.

  • a simple and powerful plugin API allows for the development of custom decision factor plugins (requires Java programming skills)


    Designed for high load applications, the architecture of the load balancer core is optimized for high performance. High throughput rate is achievable using data-caching, in-memory operations, and other advanced optimization techniques.


    Using a redirected URL encryption feature, edge servers are protected from unauthorized access. The load balancer is designed to return an encrypted URL to the client as well as the edge server in order to validate incoming connections, accepting redirects only from allowed load balancers. This optional feature allows to use client authentication only once and only in one place, at the load balancer side.

    If you are interesting, please, contact info[at]


how is the pricing?

it’s a pity that your web site is only russian :frowning:


web site will be updated soon.

If you are interesting, please, contact info[at]


Here is Google’s English translation:

Yet, there is no mention of this product on their website, much less any pricing info.