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Akamai HLS Stream Target with authentication

I’am using Stream Targets to publish streams to Akamai CDN in HLS protocol.
I would like to activate authentication on my Akamai publishing points but I don’t see any fields in the Akamai HLS Stream Target form to enter the username and the password. These fields are only available in RTMP protocol (but RTMP ingest is no more available in Akamai services). Where can I enter these values ?

The request to be able to send username and password AUTH to Akamai MSL 4.x via the Wowza Streaming Engine Akamai Stream Target workflow is not supported and there is an existing feature request for this requirement. Additionally, to fully support the Akamai MSL4.x platform, I am certain there are other features and changes that will need to be addressed in addition to the auth request. As such, you can create a support ticket to get more details if you required.

Do follow the link below to create the support ticket: