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Allow Domains Settings


In the [MyApplication]\Application.xml, allowed domain are suppose to be listed in under:


Please tell me the correct format for single and multiple allowed domain

  1. for instance domain should be separated by comma, or deliminator

  2. (,,, which is the correct format

  3. On my server thr are multiple web applications hosted using the wowza VOD service, if I will just give the IP address of the my server (in application.xml) thn it will allow all website hosted on that server to allow streaming or not.

Please suggest

Hi there, it would be a comma-delimited list of domain names or IP addresses.

However this does not give much security to the server.

See the security overview for more options.


The setting never actually worked when multiple domains were listed. It worked fine for a single domain though. This is true for all versions of wowza so far.