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AMF data encode and push


I need to fully understand the workflow to inject or encode AMF metadata in a simple audiovideo stream pushed to Wowza Streaming Cloud (not Engine).

Do I need a specific hardware or software encoder? Or can I rely on our vMix stream and push separately the encoded AMF commands? Forgive me if I’m having it all wrong, as I am probably :slight_smile:

Wowza Streaming Cloud can receive AMF metadata from an encoder or other H.264 source that supports and sends it, but AMF metadata can’t be directly injected into a transcoder in Wowza Streaming Cloud. So, you will configure this AMF data in the encoder first and this data will be in the stream as you push it and it is ingested by Streaming Cloud.

Once it’s ingested by Cloud, it will need to be converted into ID3 for playback. The source AMF data must be in the correct format though:

( you can see an example of this “correct format” I mention for the AMF data from the encoder here. It’s an Engine article, but it still shows the same format that would also be required for ingest in Cloud. )

Regarding the metadata and the encoder itself, most Software encoders do not support operations like timed-text or AMF injection.

Generally for something like this, a hardware encoder is used like an Elemental, BlackMagic, or NewTek. Let me see what I can find on vMix, but you may need to check their documentation.

Thank you for your kind answer, I’ll open a support ticket :slight_smile:

Keep in mind too that this is considered a more advanced streaming workflow and we get a lot of support ticket requests on how to configure this properly. So please feel free to send one as well @Fabrizio Ulisse and an engineer will gladly walk you through it for your use case.

My pleasure. Thanks for reaching out!

@Rose_Power-Wowza_Com Did you find anything in the documents of vMix that indicate timed-text or AMF injection?

No, we don’t have anything specific to that in the docs, but let me check with the Cloud team to see if there are any reasons why this wouldn’t work.

We haven’t done extensive testing with Vmix and AMF, but the Cloud team believes that the Stream Target Property “convertAMFData” is all you need to convert the AMF data to ID3. We have several customers inserting timed data in Cloud, but it is required that it AMF be converted to ID3 for HLS playback.

The engineers would be happy to test it out in Vmix, but as previously mentioned, this requires a code review request in a ticket.