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Analytics in PULL workflow with live http origin application on WSE

we’re trying to figure out how to get detailed statistics in a pull configuration workflow.
We have a live http origin application on wowza streaming engine, and a pull stream target on Wowza CDN Fastly. We held a live event today but we only find few unconclusive data in Historical section of Wowza Cloud console.
Is there a solution to gather better data?

Thank you


Hi @Fabrizio_Ulisse, you won’t see any viewer statistics on your Wowza Streaming Engine, as there’s only a single connection between your server and Wowza Video. But you probably already got that. To retrieve statistics from your Wowza Video account, you can use the REST API. See link below:

However, if you really want to get useful user data, then you must implement this client-side. Use an analytics solution from NPAW, Mux Data, Conviva, Bitmovin, etc. or an open source alternative of course. Google Analytics works too, but it requires some skills to implement and integrate with the player, and also to read the reports.

If you’re up for it, you can even implement your own solution. Integrating with the player in JavaScript isn’t that hard, and you can use the player’s events to send a notification to your own back-end and store that e.g. in a timeseries database.