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Andriod - AAC Audio Only Live-Streaming

I’ve been researching this for some time now and would love to know if anyone has found a streaming sweet spot for Android audio-only streams (as of March 2014)? I’m mostly interested in anything post version 4.X spanning across the plethora of Droid OS’s. My research has basically concluded that $$ for an App is the only real answer, but I would love it if someone could prove me wrong.

I have a nice Cisco (Inlet) audio encoder AS80 that I’m using for several radio station feeds and utilizing RTMP, ASF (Win Media) & HLS. The object is to utilize Androids default Media Player which means Flash is out and RTSP is out too or at least going out with the sunset (Akamai no longer supporting). I’ve read about users giving up with it even using AWS. Again, from my findings, this leaves me with HLS, yet audio-only has been quite spotty across different devices? Want to try? Here’s a direct link

Because Wowza and JW-Player are relatively new to me, I was wondering if there are any success stories here and recipes you wouldn’t mind sharing?

Otherwise, it’s App time…then nap time for me


The chunks in the playlist you show are .aac, which should work in iOS devices, usually, but Wowza has an option to packetize audio in to .ts (transport stream) chunks instead of .aac (or .mp3 in that case), and that might improve your success rate with Android devices