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Android Client to play HLS with ABR and nDVR

Hello There;

I am unable to find a client player which provides HLS capabilities to android (4.0+) with a seek bar to the ?DVR streams.

Even though they says that Android 5.0 does support HLS playback, it does not show a seek-bar whatsoever.

even JWPlayer Android SDK does not provide such capabilities. I need this badly as I need to give seeking ability to my clients.

In case there is no solution, what is the alternative thing to do to have ABR and DVR working along on an android device (maybe HDS, smoothstreaming…and which player should I use?)

Thank you.

Hi Tony,

I’ve personally not found an Android client that provides seek facilities with Wowza nDVR streams, regardless of output technology. This is still a developing area on that platform as Android is always playing catch-up with regards to HLS functiuonality in particular.

Take a look at this: