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Android, RTSP, MP3 - unpublish/destroy stream

I’m trying to stream only audio (mp3) to Android devices and I just can’t get it to work. Of course it works on iPhone/PC via rtmp/http.

I’ve gone through the streaming guide, but the result is still the same.

The error log is empty, but I can see in the access log that the stream is being created but destroyed in the same second:

  • connect rtsp

  • create stream

  • describe

  • unpublish

  • disconnect

…all in the same second.

Firewall is disabled, so there shouldn’t be any problem with UDP packets being blocked.

sample.mp4 with mp4: prefix works fine, but mp3:test.mp3 doesn’t.

Any ideas?


MP3 just doesn’t work over RTSP on Android player, that’s why you’re seeing it destroyed quickly by the player on the device.

You should have more success using HLS, same URL as used for iOS.

If you still really want to use RTSP for Android streaming then you will need to use the AAC audio format instead. Generally there’s better

support for this codec across mobile devices.