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Android with Wowza and JW Player 6

I have been reading & reading and it seems like everyone has trouble getting a live stream play consistently on android.

Has anyone been able to get it to work?

I have the jw player working great on iOS, Mac & PC

I read something about needing to link to an mp4 stream but I could not make that work

Any tips?


JW player does not support Android as far as I know. There are lots of suggestions on this forum and other places for sniffing user-agent, or the fallback the Roger suggested.

btw, we informally support JW Player, but they also have a forum and some player questions are better directed there.



From what I understand if the Android device supports cupertino streaming (Apple HLS) then it will work fine with the JW Player.

However the JW Player doesn’t support streaming over RTSP which means if you’re using an older version of the Android device it will not work.

Android devices adopted cupertino streaming in version 4.0.


Yeah I posted there too. A standard html5 tag player that points to the m3u8 works in android… guess we will be using that for the time being.

The fallback? I must not have seen that… do you mean putting fallback: false into the JW Player?

I did see that suggestions somewhere… tried it but got nothing…


Still no luck getting android to play a live stream with any consistency at all…

Even linking right to the rtsp stream wont work…

Every once in a while the html5 video with a src that points to the rtsp stream will connect briefly after a super long wait…

Anyone able to get live video on android?

From what I have read it seems like a lot of people are having problems with it…


When you say… HLS or cupertino… do you mean playing the m3u8 format?


that works great in iOS but just kinda bugs out in android…