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Any new Azure Marketplace WSE images on their way?

Hi team,

We are currently using Azure marketplace image for WSE Linux (BYOL). This image is built on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (with WSE 4.8.18) who will reach its end of support by May 30th, 2023. There are currently no new images available on Azure market with WSE pre-built into it.

Currently upgrading an Azure VM is not straightforward and contains many hidden packages error that renders the update almost impossible.

The only two solutions left to move away to the newest version would be to:

  1. Create a new VM with Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and install Wowza manually over it
  2. Download Wowza upgrade zip and try to update the current 4.8.18 version on top of an old 18.04 LTS version.

Is there plans to update the Azure image to Ubuntu 22.04 LTS? Will it be the latest released version? The image is currently 5 versions behind.

Are there any VM tweaks/configuration in the Azure Market image that are not present in a standard zip release?

Thank you

Hello @Sebastien_Jolicoeur,

I would suggest you submit a feature request for Wowza to update the OS on the Azure images for Wowza Streaming Engine.
No info about plans that we can share at the moment.